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Clarks Rustic Furniture

Greenwich London

Hand made Furniture

Kitchen Islands

We are a UK based family run business that makes environmentally friendly furniture, sourcing sustainable reclaimed materials locally. All of our pieces are “one-off’s” and cannot be found on the high street.

Our products are hand-crafted

Our furniture is made from reclaimed wood which is unique in character i.e. the wood dictates the colour and shape.

Using reclaimed materials is a very conscientious and sustainable way to make or buy furniture. With the planets resources at an all time low we all need to think about the effect in which buying mass produced furniture is having on the world’s forests. Using reclaimed materials will often mean you end up with a piece of unique furniture and also to get the chance to design your very own antique for the future!

Our coca cola islands

Rustic coffee tables

Metal cabinet _Www. clarksrusticfurnitur
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